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Specializing in
Virtual Bookkeeping 

for Restaurants and Resorts

Put a finger down for each of these statements you have said: 🖐️

👉   "I am dreading sitting down to do the bookkeeping"

👉   "I keep trying to find time to get the checks I wrote into Quickbooks"

👉   "I'm embarrassed to reach out to a bookkeeper because I am so unorganized"

👉   "I wish I knew how we did last month but my books aren't up to date"

👉   "I didn't start this business so I can do bookkeeping"

Are you running out of fingers?

It's time to go from overwhelmed to balanced.


Monthly Bookkeeping Services

Why is bookkeeping so important for restaurants? In order for restaurants to be profitable, you need to have up to date and accurate books on a daily basis and know how much staff you will need (based on the amount sales), how much cash you have to order more food and liquor inventory and how well your promotions are performing.


Clean Up Bookkeeping

If you’ve fallen behind on your books, our attentive financial team is at your service. Whether you’re behind one month or a year, we can have your books caught up in no time.



If you are more of a DIY Restaurant Owner, then I have you covered. This course not only teaches you exactly how to do your bookkeeping for your Restaurant, Bakery, Bar, or Catering Business but we partner with you so you can ask any questions while you are learning.

How Can We Help You?

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Grow Your Business 
Numbers. Stress Less. Experience Growth.


"You are doing phenomenal detective work."


"Thanks for everything!"


"I couldn't have done this without you!"
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Hi, I'm Cambria Scott!


Most business owners see bookkeeping as either boring or something to dread... or both.  Here's the thing: I love it. Let me help you with your books so you can step into your strengths and focus on the parts of running your business that you most enjoy!

I work with business owners (like you!) by taking the day to day bookkeeping tasks off of their hands.

My mission is to ease your stress come tax-time and to not only bring clarity to your monthly reports but to keep you apprised of your financial situation so you can make informed business decisions!

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