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Restaurant Owners:

Clear Steps to Understanding Your Books

Ready to learn how to do your own bookkeeping and master how to simplify your finances so you can understand the health of your restaurant?

This is an opportunity to feel less stress about your books and focus on growing your business

What is it?

The most comprehensive
program for learning
how to do your
own bookkeeping
for your restaurant

Restaurant Owners:  Clear Steps to Understanding Your Books:

is a unique system that teaches you exactly how to do the bookkeeping for your Restaurant, Bakery, Bar, or Catering Business but we partner with you so you can ask any questions while you are learning.

Finding good employees, high overheard, rising food costs, wasted ingredients, and difficulty making profits are some of the issues of building a successful, profitable restaurant.

Yet, when you have the passion, creativity, and cooking expertise... then it can become your biggest dream and you want to do anything to make it successful.

But often times, you focus on figuring out a way to make more sales so bookkeeping soon goes to the back burner and becomes a neglected aspect of running and owning a restaurant.  Unfortunately, it is hard to get caught up once you are behind.


How does it work?

This course uses the Do-It-Yourself method.

You will have immediate access to the instructional videos inside the course.

You will then implement what you have learned into Quickbooks online.

You will also have the opportunity to ask questions via Zoom or email. 

*You have LIFETIME access to this course.*

With profit margins being so tight in the restaurant industry,
you can not let your bookkeeping become a second thought.

Staying on top of the day-today bookkeeping is essential to
staying ahead of your competition and turning a profit.

In this program we will cover...


How to set up Quickbooks Online


Customized Chart of Accounts


How to Record Money IN


How to Record Money OUT


Meal Tax


Month End Tasks/Reconciliation


How to Analyze your P&L, Balance Sheet and Statement of Cash Flow


1. Daily Sales Tracker

2. 1099 Tracker

3. Monthly, Quarterly and Annual Bookkeeping Checklist including Deadlines


By the end of this program
You will have:

  • Nailed Down your Bookkeeping Using Quickbooks Online

  • Knowledge of if your Restaurant is Making a Profit

  • A Clear Picture of your Accounts and Available Cash

  • Gained an Understanding of Basic Accounting

  • Learned how to Run and Interpret Reports to make Informed Decisions for your Restaurant

 And Lastly...

You Will have a Sense of Peace Knowing you are Able to look into the Financial Future of your Restaurant with Accuracy and be Able to Spot Potential Issues and Opportunities

The Key to your Restaurant's Success is Increasing Profits while Keeping Expenses Down.

The cost of this program is so affordable.

You get all of this for LESS than it costs to hire a bookkeeper for ONE MONTH!

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