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I'm Cambria Scott... the face behind Clear Book Services.

Having worked in food service and coffee shops on and off for fifteen years I know that, behind the scenes, a lot goes into a delicious menu, hand-crafted drinks and an enjoyable customer experience. I'm passionate about this industry and I'm a numbers person, so I've combined the two with a bookkeeping business working almost exclusively with restaurants and food service businesses.

Clear Book Services is here to provide clean and clear books for you so that you can focus on the parts of running your business that you most enjoy! I'm here to get the books under control and help you understand how to read your monthly reports.

The biggest advantage of working with me is that not only do I know the food service industry well, but I also work alongside several people that are experts in the restaurant industry and have owned multiple food service companies which gives a unique advantage of having more than one qualified bookkeeper in your corner. I have a deep understanding of bookkeeping and Quickbooks and I pride myself on keeping my clients apprised of their financial situation.

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